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TallyDascom LA2610 Printer



Straight through paper path


  • Print speeds up to 650 cps
  • 20,000 ppm workload
  • 136 columns
  • 24 pin print head for excellent print quality
  • Ethernet, parallel, USB and Serial RS232 interfaces standard
  • LC Display for easy operation


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Specifications below


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TallyDascom LA2610 Serial Matrix Printer Specifications
Technology type Serial Impact Dot Matrix
Print Speed (text) 680 cps (Fastest Draft); 500 cps (HS-Draft), 333 cps (Draft), 111 cps (LQ) at 10 cpi
Consumables Black Ribbon: 8 million characters
Resolution 360 x 360 dpi
Printhead Life 500 Million Dots per pin
Standard Connectivity Parallel (Bi-directional), USB 2.0, Ethernet (10/100 BaseT), and RS232 standard
Emulation DEC PPL/2, IBM ProPrinter XL24, Epson ESC/P2, MTPL + Barcode + LCP
Fonts HS Draft, Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, OCR-A/B, 14 Barcodes and large character printing
Drivers Windows 2000/XP/ Vista/7/8 and Server 2003/2008; SAP
Paper Handling Push tractor and single sheet tray; optional rear tractor
Number of Copies Original +4 (5-part forms)
Paper Type Cut sheets, continuous forms, multi-part forms
Paper Size Width: 76 to 420 mm, 3.0 to 16.5 in; Length: 76 to 599 mm, 3.0 to 23.6 in
Physical Specifications (HxWxD) 600 x 265 x 200 mm, 23.6 x 10.4 x 7.9 in (WxDxH)
Acoustics in db(A) < 52dB(A) (ISO 7779)
Temperature +10°C to +40°C
Humidity 10% to 85% (not condensing)
Power Requirements 110-230 V autoranging 50Hz to 60Hz max 7.6W in Standby