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Legacy Printers


Printronix P5000 line matrix printer seriestallygenicom line printers


We offer refurbished Legacy Printers and Spare Parts for most Printronix & TallyGenicom models.


Also offering Supplies and National On Site Service for many more legacy printer manufacturers printers.


Our goal is to assist you in the support of the legacy printers, while educating you to the best direct replacement printers available for your application.


Printronix OEM Printer list (PDF)

Dascom printer cross reference guide (PDF)

IBM Replacement Printers by Printronix

Legacy Line Printer Reference Guide


Below are some sample refurbished printers.



Printronix P7000 Series Line Matrix Printers

P7220 2000 lpm
P7215 1500 lpm
P7210 1000 lpm
P7205 500 lpm
P7015 1500 lpm
P7010 1000 lpm
P7005 500 lpm



Printronix P5000 Series Line Matrix Printers

P5005B 500 lpm
P5005LJ 500 lpm
P5208 800 lpm
P5209 900 lpm
P5010 1000 lpm
P5210 1000 lpm
P5214 1400 lpm
P5015 1500 lpm
P5215 1500 lpm
P5220S 2000 lpm



Printronix Legacy Thermal Printers

T5308 6 ips
T5208 8 ips
T5304 8 ips
T5306 8 ips
T5204 10 ips
T5206 10 ips



Legacy Printer Spares Parts

Argox, AMT, Basic Four, Canon, C.Itoh, Compaq, Datamax, Dataproducts, Datasouth, DEC, Decision Data, DNE, Fargo, Fujitsu, Genicom, IBM, Intermec, Kentek, Kryocera, Lexmark, Memorex, Microplex, Monarch, NCR, OCE, OTC, Pentax, Printek, Printronix, QMS, Okidata, Ricoh, Samsung, Sato, Seikosha, Standard Register, Star Micronics, Storage Tek, Tally, Tallygenicom, TEC, Texas Instruments, Trilog, Unisys, Xerox, Zebra




Tallygenicom Line Matrix Printers

T6218 Up to 1800 lpm
T6215 Up to 1500 lpm
6312 Up to 1200 lpm
T6212 Up to 1200 lpm
T6101 Up to 1020 lpm
T6100 Up to 1020 lpm
T6065 Up to 650 lpm
6306 Up to 600 lpm
T6050 Up to 500 lpm


Tallygenicom Serial Dot Matrix Printers
2900 1630 cps
T2280 1100 cps
LA800+ 1100 cps
T2170 1050 cps
T2265 900 cps
LA650+ 900 cps
7265+ 900 cps
T2155 875 cps
T2150 750 cps
T2250 750 cps
LA550N/W 750 cps
T2145 675 cps
T2245 675 cps
2440 576 cps
2540 576 cps
T2348 537 cps
T2240 500 cps
T2340 440 cps
930 435 cps
935 435 cps
LA48 432 cps



More TG Printers

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3860 Serial Matrix Printer
2380 Serial Matrix Printer
LG Series Line Matrix Printer