TG Tech Notes -

TechNote T6215.004

Shuttle Faults - Model T6215

Issue / Symptom:  Shuttle Fault indicated on Operator Panel


Examine the shuttle area.

If the shuttle belt is still mounted on the pulleys, check the connectors, etc. at the Distribution PCA (J8 for the sensor and J10 for the Shuttle Motor) to ensure they are seated completely. The shuttle sensor voltage can be checked at J8 by turning the shuttle by hand and monitoring the voltage with a voltmeter. If the voltage is not present, the problem could be a bad shuttle sensor or shuttle sensor cable.

If the shuttle belt is off the pulleys, there are a number of things to be checked:

1. CLEAN the shuttle belt with alcohol or a good cleaning agent for rubber products. In some instances we have seen belts that have a residue on them that will allow them to slip off the pulleys.

2. Check the Pulley Alignment of the pulleys on the shuttle motor and the shuttle assembly. (Misalignment allows the belt to not track properly and to come off the pulleys.) If you need to move one of the pulleys for better alignment, the pulley on the shuttle motor is easier to work with.

3. In some cases, the pulley on the shuttle motor needs to be reversed to get the proper alignment (see illustration). If you have to reverse the pulley, check the two upper motor mounting screws to be sure they do not rub on the shuttle belt. If it appears they may rub, install shorter screws.

(These steps are also being done in production beginning with December production - A21Lxxxxxx.)

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