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Printronix ThermaLine Printer Technical Notes and Service Bulletins


T-0011-A T3204, T3306, T3308 Ribbon Wrinkle Troubleshooting Tips

T-0012-A T3306 and T3308 False 'Paper Out' Error with Parallel Port

T-0013-A T2204 Auto Label & Gap Sensing

T-0014-A New Printhead Home Position Sensor T3306/T3308

T-0015-A T3XXX Thermals with FGL F/W Getting Media Error

T-0016-A T3XXX Reset and Self-Test Features Descriptions

T-0017-A T3XXX Thermals DIP Switch Setting Clarification

T-0018-A T3204 Twinax/Coax Installation & Ops Manual Typo

T-0019-A Unix System V Printing Setup Procedure

T-0020-A SCO Unix OpenServer Printronix PrintNet Setup Procedure

T-0021-A Printer Emulation Protocol Switching Through PrintNet Adapter

T-0022-A Low Holding Torque on Stepper Motor and Platen Moving

T-0024-A T5000 Printhead Compatibility/Usage

T-0025-A Possible high ambient temperature reset problem.

T-0026-A Release of optional Media Cutter and Tray, field kits.


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We offer Depot Repair services on many whole printers, as well as some accessories and sub-assemblies, at a rate of $75.00 per hour. All Depot Repairs come with a 90 day warranty. Exchange Repair is available on some items too.



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We provide national On Site printer repair services, both Time & Material (T&M) and Annual Maintenance Agreements (AMA).

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