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Printronix PrintNet Printer Technical Notes and Service Bulletins

PrintNet-0001-A Installing PrintNet Kits in P5000 Series Printers
PrintNet-0002-A Printnet Card Can Be 'Pinged' But Won't Respond To Browser
PrintNet-0002-B The NIC can be 'pinged', but won't respond to browser or gets "TCP Port Busy" error.
PrintNet-0003-A Connecting a PrintNet Adapter to a Windows NT 4.0 Server
PrintNet-0004-A PrintNet, Resetting The Password When Forgotten
PrintNet-0004-B PrintNet, Resetting The Password When Forgotten
PrintNet-0005-A Unix System V Printing Setup Procedure
PrintNet-0006-A SCO Unix OpenServer Printronix PrintNet Setup Procedure
PrintNet-0007-A Printer Emulation Protocol Switching Through PrintNet Adapter
PrintNet-0008-D PrintNet Adapter and Printer Software Versions
PrintNet-0009-A HP-UX Remote Printer Setup for the PrintNet Adapter
PrintNet-0010-A Printer Hangs, "Waiting for Program Download" When FTP'ing The P5000 PrintNet Adapter
PrintNet-0011-A Windows 2000, TCP/IP LPR Printing via PrintNet


printer deport repair

We offer Depot Repair services on many whole printers, as well as some accessories and sub-assemblies, at a rate of $75.00 per hour. All Depot Repairs come with a 90 day warranty. Exchange Repair is available on some items too.

Genuine Printronix Supplies

We provide national On Site printer repair services, both Time & Material (T&M) and Annual Maintenance Agreements (AMA).

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