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Printronix T6000 Thermal Printer


The Powerful T6000 represents the next generation industrial, high-performance thermal barcode printer.


Printronix T6000 Thermal Bar Code Printer Features

  • Stellar quality print at lighting fast speed, clocking in at 14 ips.
  • Plug-n-Play in any operational environment.
  • Exclusive validation solutions.
  • Comprehensive WiFi security suite.
  • Wide-ranging RFID support for On-Pitch, Short-Pitch and Standard Pitch.





T6000 Brochure (English)

T6000 Brochure (English A4)

T6000 Brochure (French)

T6000 Brochure (German)

T6000 Brochure (Italian)

T6000 Brochure (Portuguese)

T6000 Brochure (Spanish)


Printronix T6000 to Zebra ZT-400 Comparison

Printronix T6000 to Datamax i4212 Comparison



Printronix T8000 Thermal Printer


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Printronix T6000 Thermal Bar Code Printer Specifications
Technology type Transfer and direct printing
Max Print Speed (4”/6”/8”) 14/12/10 IPS @ 203 DPI; 12/10/8 IPS @ 300 DPI
Resolution 203 DPI / 300 DPI
Printable Width 4.1” (104mm) / 6.6” (168mm) / 8.5” (216mm)
Memory 512MB RAM / 128MB Flash
Media Types Roll or Fan-Fold Labels, Tags, Paper, Film, Tickets
Min. Media Width (4”/6”/8”): 1” (25.4mm)/2” (50.8mm)/3” (76.2mm)
Max. Media Width 4.5” (114.3mm)/6.8” (172.7mm)/8.75” (222.2mm)
Min. Media Length 0.25” / 1.0” (Continuous/Tear-Off)/0.5” (Peel-Off)
Max. Media Length Up to 99”
Media Thickness 2.5 Mil (0.0025”) to 10 Mil (0.010”)
Media Roll Core Diameter 1.5” (37.5mm) to 3.0” (76mm)
Max. Media Roll Diameter 8.0” (209mm)
Media Sensing Gap, Mark, Advanced Gap, Advanced Notch
Ribbon Type Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin
Min. Ribbon Width (4”/6”/8”) 1” (25.4mm)/2” (50.8mm)/3” (76.2mm)
Max. Ribbon Width (4”/6”/8”) 4.5” (114.3mm)/6.8” (172.7mm)/8.75” (222.2mm)
Max. Ribbon Length 625 Meters
Physical 11.7"(297.2mm)/13.4"(340.4mm)/15.4"(391.2mm) 13"(330.2mm)/13"(330.2mm)/13"(330.2mm) 20.5"(520.7mm)/20.5"(520.7mm)/20.5"(520.7mm) 37 lbs.(16.7Kg)/40 lbs.(18.1Kg)/43 lbs.(19.5Kg) 46 lbs.(20.8Kg)/49 lbs.(22.2Kg)/52 lbs.(23.6Kg)
Connectivity Serial RS232, USB, and Ethernet 10/100Base T Parallel, WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), GPIO WEP 40/128bit, WPA Personal (PSK), WPA2 Personal (PSK) and Enterprise (AES CCMP) EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLs, PEAPv0/MS-CHAPv2, EAP-TLS
Programming Languages PGL/VGL/ZGL/TGL/IGL/STGL/DGL/IEGL/MGL P-Series + XQ, Proprinter, Serial Matrix, Epson PJL, XML, and PTX-SETUP IPDS TN5250/TN3270 PDF Level 1.7, Postscript Level 3
Bar Code Symbologies Available BC-412, Code 11, Code 39, Code 35, Code 93, Codabar, Code128 Subsets A/B/C, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, German I-2/5, EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPCSHIP, UPS 11, MSI, Matrix 2 of 5, PLESSEY, POSTNET, 4-state PostBar, Australian 4-state, FIM, ITF14, TELEPEN, PLANET, USPS Intelligent Mail, LOGMARS 2D Barcodes PDF-417, MicroPDF-417, Maxicode, DataMatrix, QR Codes, Aztec, GS1 Databar (RSS-14)
Fonts, Graphics Support, Windows Drivers PCX, TIFF, BMP, PNG Intellifont, TrueType, Unicode OCRA, OCRB, Courier, Letter Gothic, CG Times, CG Triumvirate/Bold/Condensed Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese 35 Fonts
Electrical Auto Range 90 - 264 VAC (48 - 62 Hz)
Environmental Direct Thermal w/o accessories 23 to 104 F (-5 to 40 C) Thermal Transfer: 40 to 104F (5 to 40C) 20-85% Non-Condensing 23 to 140 F (-5 to 60 C) 5 to 85% Non-Condensing
Remote Management Software PrintNet Enterprise Auto ID: Enterprise Grade Remote Management Solution


T6000 Options and Accessories

WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n (US/EU/CAN)

Parallel Port Card





Online Data Validator (ODV)

Heavy Duty Cutter 4”/6”

Rewind 4″/6

Peel & Present 4″/6″

Premium Asian Font Cards

Andale Font Cards

QCMC (SD Quick Change Memory Card)

UHF RFID (US 902-928MHz, EU 866-868MHz)


T6000 FAQs


How is the T6000 Series positioned within the Printronix Auto ID thermal printer portfolio?

The T6000 is the premier mid-level industrial thermal printer for the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations in the mid-range market.


Is the T6000 Series replacing an existing Printronix Auto ID printer?

Yes. It replaces the existing T4M Thermal Printer.


What are the major differences between the T6000 vs. T4M?

The T6000 is available in both a 4” and 6” model and offers 40% faster print speed at 14 IPS, full color 3.4” display panel, and PostScript/PDF support. The T6000 also offers the option for Online Data Validation to help eliminate unreadable codes, charge-backs, and fines.


Is there a performance improvement with the new T6000?

Definitely. The T6000 printers offer 6x faster processing speed, 8x more standard memory, and 40% faster print speed at 14 inches per second (ips).


What are the different width size models available with the T6000?

The models are featured in 4 and 6 inch widths.


My applications require both Direct and Transfer printing method. Can the T6000 support both Direct and Transfer printing?

Yes, the printer comes configured to print for both Direct and Transfer printing.


What sets the T6000 apart from other thermal barcode printers in the market?

The speed, versatility, and reliability of the T6000 make it the premier printer for the mid-range market. The Printronix Auto ID Intelligent Heat Management system insures that the T6000 can print readable codes at higher speeds than competitive printers for true productivity. The option to include RFID or Optical Data Verification (ODV) makes the T6000 truly versatile to address new applications and market requirements. The T6000 has the most extensive emulation package in the industry and can easily fit into a wide variety of print environments.


What are the primary target user environments for the T6000 Series?

The versatility of the T6000 makes it the premier printer for the mid-range market. Automobile, food & beverage, and retail distribution are a perfect match for the capabilities of the T6000.


I am currently using a printer from one of your competitors. Can the T6000 replace my printer and plug-and-play without additional effort and cost?

The T6000 supports emulations for most major competitor printers; Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Toshiba Tec, Intermec, and more.


What is the benefit of having PostScript/PDF printer command language?

The major benefit of having PostScript/PDF printer command language is the ability to replace unreliable and high maintenance cost laser printers used to print labels.


What are the standard and optional communication interface ports for the T6000 Series?

Standard Interfaces are: RS-232 (9 pin), USB and Ethernet. Optional Interfaces are: Parallel IEEE1284, GPIO and Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n.


How do I configure and change the printer configuration using the color control panel?

The ICON based control panel will guide you through the changes of configuration and settings of the printer. With the user-friendly step-by-step setup wizard, you can manage the printer settings easily. If you need more information, please refer to the Administrator’s Manual.


How do I load labels and ribbons into the printer?

T6000 printer offers extremely simple side loading of media and ribbon. An easy to follow illustration is available in the User’s Setup Guide and on the inside of the media cover.


How do I calibrate the labels?

The Control Panel Printer Setup Wizard provides an easy-to-follow calibration process. The Settings menu allows you to select the Gap/Mark sensor to match the type of media installed. In addition, you can set the printer to do an Auto Calibrate at power up or when the pivoting deck has opened and closed. In all cases the printer will advance a few labels and calibrate the sensors so that they will detect top-of-form (TOF).


How do I adjust for the best print quality?

A Print Quality Wizard under the Wizard Control Panel menu describes in detail how to obtain the best print quality.


Does Printronix offer labels and ribbons for the T6000?

Yes, Printronix Auto ID offers a portfolio of labels and ribbons that will optimize the print quality and productivity of the T6000 Thermal Printer.


Is a ribbon core required on the take-up spool?

No, the T6000 features an improved design with a releasable take-up spindle that does not require a spool. This simplifies printer operation and maintenance.


Do I need a tool to replace the printhead?

No printhead replacement is a simple process that requires no additional tools.


Can I swap the printhead from 203dpi to 300 dpi?

Yes. The printheads are user replaceable and will automatically detect and accept when a user has changed from a 203 to a 300 dpi or vice-versa.


Is the T6000 printhead backward compatible with T5000 or T4M?

No. New features, such as higher speed and a printhead that independently retains all the statistical printhead data, require a different printhead.


How do I restore the printer back to factory defaults?

Use the front panel and select: Settings > Configs > Load Config > Factory.


What options and accessories are available with the T6000?

The T6000 offers a number of options and accessories from media handling, optional communication interfaces, RFID, and many more found on our website.


Where can I download the printer Administrator’s Manual and Drivers?

You can download the Admin Manual and Drivers from the support section of our website.


What is the warranty on the T8000 printer?

The T8000 comes standard with a 1-Year Return to Depot warranty. Extended warranty and service packages are available.


I am having problem setting up the printer. Is there a 1-800-XXX-XXXX phone number for technical support?

For technical support, you may call 1-800-243-3338, or email us.