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Printronix P7220 Cartridge Ribbon Matrix Printer

The P7220 printer represents the best line printer ever made and the ideal solution for high volume low cost printing of mission critical reports, forms and labels.


P7220 Cartridge Ribbon Matrix Printer Features


  • Text: 2000 lpm, Graphics: 250 inches per minute
  • P7000 Ultra Capacity ribbon - up to
  • Low cost of operation - typically 10X lower than laser or
  • Forms flexibility - straight paper
  • Whisper quiet operation - models range from 50-53 dBA which is less than an office laser
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Configurations and Specifications below

Printronix P7220 Printer Standard Configurations
Part Number Description
To order call 1-800-243-3338
P7220 2000 LPM Open Pedestal and Paper Tray
P7220ZT 2000 LPM Zero Tear Pedestal
Printronix P7220 Printer Consumables
Part Number Description
Click on any part number for pricing. Buy online or call 1-800-243-3338
255049-102 P7000 Standard Life Cartridge ribbon
255048-102 P7000 Extended Life Cartridge ribbon
255048-402 P7000 Extended Life Cartridge ribbon
255050-402 P7000 Extended Life HD Cartridge ribbon
255542-401 P7000 Specialty Security Cartridge ribbon
255163-001 P7000 Standard Capacity Ribbon
179499-001 P7000 Ultra Capacity Ribbon
255161-001 P7000 Ultra Capacity Plus Ribbon
250145-001 P7000 Ultra Capacity HD Ribbon
255164-001 P7000 Ultra Capacity HD Plus Ribbon
179488-001 Label Ribbon
179490-001 Red Text Ribbon
179491-001 Blue Text Ribbon
179492-001 Green Text Ribbon
179493-001 Security Ribbon
179494-001 Quick Dry Ribbon
179496-001 Tamper Evident Ribbon
179498-001 Laundry Ribbon
Printronix P7220 Printer Options
Part Number Description
Call 1-800-243-3338
179968-001 IPDS
177631-001 ANSI
177635-001 PCL 2 (LJ compatible) 2
177634-001 TN5250/TN3270
177636-001 LG (DEC compatible)
177629-001 PGL/VGL