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OpenPrint™ Cabinet Printer

Drop in replacement for networked laser printers.


OpenPrint™ Cabinet Printer Features

Printronix OpenPrint Line Matrix Printer


  • Plugs directly into your ERP and other business critical software applications. OpenPrint is compatible with industry standard PostScript and PDF. Using higher resolution print tips the printer can render complex documents with varied fonts, logos and other graphics.
  • Reliable bar code solution for growing business usage. OpenPrint renders high quality, scannable bar codes essential to keeping today's enterprises moving quickly and without fail.
  • Drop in replacement for networked laser printers. OpenPrint is the solution you have been waiting for, delivering benefits of line matrix printing without compromise. No need to modify or change current laser printer applications. It is a true "Plug and Print" solution. OpenPrint further offers improved media handling over laser giving you more options to optimize the efficiency of your operation -multipart forms, oversize media, peel off labels or card stock.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Printing. Keeping a tight rein on costs is important to every business. Compared to laser toner cartridges Printronix cartridge ribbons are six times less expensive.
  • The ENERGY STAR® qualified Printronix OpenPrint Cartridge Series power conservation system provides savings on energy cost, reduces wear and tear on the printer and uses 40% less power than laser printers. These printers are built to last for years and years, a key ecological benefit over shorter life cycle products such as laser and serial printers. Accommodates paper with high recycled content, easier recycling of completed print jobs, ozone reduction and none of the fine particulate emissions found in laser toner cartridges. Engineered with features that promote less energy consumption and generate less waste the OpenPrint cartridge series of line matrix printers provides the right printing solution for a greener world.


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